Zouzougalopins in english

In english please …

Wear your loved ones close to your heart

Hand-engraved jewellery….When a Zouzougalopins pendant,
on a bracelet or on a ribbon, is around your wrist,
the merest glimpse of it will remind you of your loved one(s).

For a birthday, a present for mother, an anniversary, a dear, Valentine’s day, for a dear grandmother, mother’s day, father’s day, for Christmas or for all occasions whether to spoil yourself or others, you can have your jewellery hand-engraved to make them unique.

Made to measure …. Very nearly
You, yourself become the designer !

I will hand-engrave whatever you prefer : a christian name, a kind message, a date a declaration of love….
Your loved one’s first name a date never to be forgotten, a secret message…
The lace can be in cotton, ‘queue de rat’, leather, ribbon of organdie, velvet or glamorous lurex.
You can, of course, choose the lacing you prefer – I am always available to help, you choose.
I have many ideas to suggest to you and am always delighted to help.
I am very careful in my choice of suppliers .

The silver is solid silver 925. The gilding is made in France as are the laces, ribbons etc. Are also “made in France”.
All the work is done in my workshop.

Most items can be engraved e.g. first name or short message but not the ‘minis’ the little medals or pendants.
I engrave by hand and the cost of engraving is included in the price.

I always try to deliver as soon as possible except when an intem is out of stock.
All jewellery is packed in a little pouch.

The cost of postage depends on the weight of the item and the country.
The packaging is carefully done in bubble-wrap.

Looking forward to your order….